5000 - 2000 years BP

A time for Iron and Bronze Age migrations to the Italian peninsula from modern-day Eurasia. Latial and then Villanovan cultures made way to Etruscans and Romans

3000 - 2500 years BP

The area was populated by the Latial Culture living in independent villages strewn around the region now knows as Latium (of which Rome is the capital today)

2700 years BP
753 - 509 BC
Etruscans conquered the area and overtook the Latins. Romulus founded Rome on 21, April 753 BC and ruled as the first king. The era of 7 Etruscan Kings lasted 200 years

2500 years BP
509 - 44 BC
Etruscan king Tarquinius the Proud was deposed ending their rule and giving way to the Roman Republic (lasting 450 years). It boasted major wars and empire expansion