ROMA, October
13 to 22, 2018:

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CIAO everyone! Another wonderful culinary week in Rome has come and gone. This was to be a special occasion for two of my traveling guests, as they became engaged atop the Gianicolo Hill at sunset on October 17th! The months of planning for this perfect day and time and location, culminated without a hitch, and I have my good friend Jennifer to thank (for playing along with me and for dolling up Chris’s hair and tie for the occasion), and to my good friend Pino (for taking this day off of work to be Dave and Chris’ personal driver for the evening in a stunning brand new 7 series BMW). I captured the moment in photographs and they are now engaged! CONGRATULATIONS!

Besides this special moment during our week in Rome, there was cooking, eating, wine and olive oil tasting, and plenty of walking around Rome… and a stunning apartment with rooftop terrace in an ancient and noble palazzo near the Jewish Ghetto. Each trip I take in Rome has a certain uniqueness that allows me to return with travelers again and again, and to remain inspired and eager to show my city off... I am so incredibly proud of my little venture, and thankful beyond words to all of my new and repeat clients. Thank you Terry, Bill, Jennifer, Chris and Dave, for your love, support and business!

Here is a photographic summary of our wonderful October 13 to October 22, 2018 week in Rome together.

~ Alice


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