NAXOS Greece,
May 15-22, 2019:

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What an incredible experience on the beautiful island of Naxos, Greece! This was a first-time special adventure in a location other than Italy, and it was wonderful. 8 travelers joined Adonis and I on this one-week culinary and cultural tour of one of the most beautiful and agriculturally fish islands in the Cyclades. 10 of us lodged in a stunning multi-level villa on Plaka Beach, just 20 minutes from Chora (the main port city of Naxos), with access to a beautiufl sandy beach, the sunset, infinity pools and private luxury. Adonis and myself were the designated drivers, and boy did we drive! We visited several corners of the island, ancient sanctuaries, learned to cook authentic Greek dishes and shopped in the adorable little stores in town. All while having plenty of time to relax and rest in our villa and on our beach. I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and the success it was, and cannot wait for our next Greek adventure! Stay tuned for more trips to Naxos and Crete coming up in 2020 and 2021!

Here are some of the images Adonis and myself took this year xo

~ Alice


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