My name is Alice. We'll be in Rome together. Lets get to know each other!

Ciao! I am a long time resident of the quirky city of Portland Oregon, but am an Italian citizen, native to Rome. I consider myself a "citizen of the world" thanks to my parents' lifelong service to the Italian diplomatic world. Travel around the world has been the major force behind my upbringing, though with the passing years, increasing visits to my roots in Rome have become priority. I am often asked for travel advice about Italy, to which I eagerly respond in detail. Deep inside, I had always wished I could serve as chaperone and expert guide. In spring of 2015, I decided to diligently work to make my dream of taking visitors to Italy, a reality... Rome is where I was born, so Rome is what I'll show you - with the rest of Italy coming soon ;)

In short: I am your Portland resident, Roman/Italian native, food and wine lover, archaeologist, photographer, travel partner and friend. 

*Special thanks to Adonis Kekidakis for traveling from Greece to Rome to professionally capture a few 2017 DivoraRoma days for me!


Here's a bit more: 

  • I am native of Rome, Italy though I am a resident of Portland Oregon USA.
  • In Italian, my name is spelled ALICE, but it's pronounced: AH-LEE-CHEY...
  • I came to the United States back in 1995 for college to study archaeology (Sedona Arizona first, and then Tucson Arizona).
  • After college, I moved to Scottsdale Arizona where I lived and worked as a professional archaeologist.
  • Amazing and fulfilling years passed in Arizona, but time came for me to explore a new state. 
  • In 2002 I moved to the Pacific Northwest and in 2003 I started work as a full time photographer, for myself.
  • I've been in the Pacific Northwest ever since (13 years as I write this!), and I've been a full time photographer ever since.
  • Rome (and Italy in general) are a big part of me, since it is where I was born and it is part of my identity.
  • My family and many friends are there, always ready with open arms, for my return.
  • My permanent residence is in the USA (where I met the love of my life, Josh and where I own my successful photography company: MoscaStudio).
  • But I always travel back to Rome, as often as I can, once sometimes twice per year.
  • Enter: Divora Roma! (Thanks to the big push from my love, Josh, whom always has my back!).
  • It made perfect sense for me to organize an easy, laid back, convenient and fun way for a small group of people to go with me to Italy.
  • I found myself giving advice to anyone traveling to Italy, including where to eat, what to see, who to talk to and tips about the language... 
  • I have a big passion for my home country of Italy, and I am proud of Rome, so I always gladly talk about it in detail.
  • The best times to go to Rome are late spring and early fall, which is when I usually go, so why not go as a group??
  • Divora Roma is my way of sharing my knowledge of Rome and Italy (specifically food-related!), and my way to offer a first-hand experiences there.
  • I am proud to have amazing partners in Italy eager to support Divora Roma and to make my trips be flawless.
  • I have family in the restaurant business, friends in the lodging business, as well as access to delicious vineyards & amazing archaeological sites.
  • Essentially, I wanted to combine my love for food with my love for Rome and Italy, and offer it to others, too.
  • I hope you will join me on one (or more!) of my journeys! I really look forward to showing you around ;)