Here's a bit more: 

  • I am native of Rome, Italy though I am a resident of Portland Oregon USA.
  • In Italian, my name is spelled ALICE, but it's pronounced: AH-LEE-CHEY...
  • I came to the United States back in 1995 for college to study archaeology (Sedona Arizona first, and then Tucson Arizona).
  • After college, I moved to Scottsdale Arizona where I lived and worked as a professional archaeologist.
  • Amazing and fulfilling years passed in Arizona, but time came for me to explore a new state. 
  • In 2002 I moved to the Pacific Northwest and in 2003 I started work as a full time photographer, for myself.
  • I've been in the Pacific Northwest ever since (13 years as I write this!), and I've been a full time photographer ever since.
  • Rome (and Italy in general) are a big part of me, since it is where I was born and it is part of my identity.
  • My family and many friends are there, always ready with open arms, for my return.
  • My permanent residence is in the United States (where I met the love of my life, Josh and where I own my successful photography company: MoscaStudio).
  • But I always travel back to Rome, as often as I can, once sometimes twice per year.


  • Enter: Divora Roma! (Thanks to the big push from my love, Josh, whom always has my back!).
  • It made perfect sense for me to organize an easy, laid back, convenient and fun way for a small group of people to go with me to Italy.
  • I found myself giving detailed advice to anyone traveling to Italy, including where to eat, what to see, whom to touch base with and tip about the language... 
  • I have a big passion for my home country of Italy, and I am proud of Rome, so I always gladly talk about it in detail.
  • The best times to go to Rome are late spring and early fall, which is when I usually go, so why not go as a group??
  • Divora Roma is my way of sharing my knowledge of Rome and Italy (specifically food-related!), and my way to offer a first-hand experiences there.
  • I am proud to have amazing partners in Italy eager to support Divora Roma and to make my trips be flawless.
  • I have family in the restaurant business, friends in the hotel/lodging business, as well as access to delicious vineyards and amazing archaeological sites.
  • Essentially, I wanted to combine my love for food with my love for Rome and Italy, and offer it to others, too.
  • I hope you will join me on one (or more!) of my journeys! I really look forward to showing you around ;)




Alice & Josh. HI!