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I am a long time resident of the quirky city of Portland Oregon, but am an Italian citizen, native to Rome. I am a true "citizen of the world" thanks to my parents' lifelong service to an Italian diplomatic career. Travel around the world has been the major force behind my upbringing, and in the passing years, visiting my family, friends and roots in Rome has become priority.

I am often asked for travel advice about Italy, to which I eagerly respond in detail. Deep inside, I had always wished I could serve as chaperone and expert guide. In spring of 2015, I decided to diligently work to make my dream of taking visitors to Italy, a reality... Rome is where I was born and Italy is my playground. My scouting trips in Italy allowed me to reconnect with family and friends deeply, and to organize a fantastic collaboration that make my Divora adventures that much more authentic!

In short: I am your Portland resident, Roman-Italian native, food and wine lover, archaeologist, photographer, travel partner and friend. 

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I would love to hear from you…

Do you have questions about my adventures in Italy and Greece? Would you like to create your own custom trip on a date not currently listed? Send me a message so we can chat!

~ Alice


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You are welcome to travel solo (you'll meet wonderful other travelers!) or with your friends, or partner, or group. Food brings people together! <3