Dates & locations vary from year to year.
Pricing varies from location to location and it is based on when the reservations are made.
What it doesn't vary in, however, is the beauty, authenticity, fun, comfort and privacy

Bring your family, gather close friends, or leave it to me to get a group of 4 to 8 perfectly wonderful people together
for a delicious culinary journey to Rome (and surrounding regions).

Smaller groups (solo travelers and couples) are certainly welcome too.
Simply send me a message and we'll begin to organize your ultra-custom adventure in Italy!



May 1 - 8, 2018
RomeOne week
Begins at: $2600 p/p

*FULLY RESERVED - thank you! Private & custom DivoraRoma trip for a group of friends celebrating a fabulous forthieth birthday*

The historic center of the Roman Empire and the birthplace of the Baroque art movement (among so much more). Live nestled in the center of Rome in our very own, private and luxurious flat, walking distance from it all. Eat local foods, drinks local wines, experience this Unesco World Heritage city as it should be experienced: with a local (myself), catered and perfect!

October 13 - 20, 2018
RomeOne week
Begins at:  $2600 p/p double room
Begins at: $2900 p/p single room

The focus of this voyage: Late-Autumn harvest focusing on olive oil harvesting & olive oil making workshops in the beautiful medieval lake region just outside of Rome. Bracciano Lake is a volcanic crater filled with fresh water and surrounded by olive groves. Part of my family grew up here and olive oil production is a prominent industry. We will participate in olive harvesting and oil production, as well as tastings. Wine, cheese, local foods and day trips are included, of course.

October 22 - 29, 2018
SicilyOne week
Begins at: $2400 p/p double room
Begins at: $2700 p/p single room

Pending adventure.

Currently in the planning stages and unavailable to anyone outside of the travelers in the group whom has asked me to organize it. 

Stay tuned for an update.
Thank you!

May 15 - 22, 2019
Naxos Island,GreeceOne week
Begins at: $2500 p/p double room
Begins at: $2900 p/p single room

This special location continues to be researched and organized in depth. It is looking exciting! The beautiful and typical local villa and the wonderful local food-related individuals helping us create an in-depth Naxos experience, are coming to reality, and I am excited! 

This is as all-inclusive as all other DivoraRoma adventures through Italy... but in Greece! Click to learn more about Divora in Naxos.




  • Get to our starting point (usually Rome but depends on your chosen voyage location) and let's get started!
  • I was born in Rome and am from the Testaccio neighborhood, so I will be your translator, negotiator & expert local guide
  • You'll live in a beautiful centrally located apartment with easy access to sites, museums and restaurants
  • 3 lunches -- you are free to do as you please for the un-programmed 3
  • 3 dinners -- 2 at delicious carefully chosen restaurants catering specifically to DivoraRoma & 1 at our apartment catered by private chef
  • 4 bottles of wine for the table for each programmed meal included (more wine available upon request, for purchase)
  • Day-trip(s) in surrounding areas -- for olive oil, wine, cheese tastings & sight seeing (depending on location, time of year and availabilities)
  • The entire experience documented in professional photographs by myself (founder of both DivoraRoma and MoscaStudio) or one of my associates
  • All images will be available for viewing and ordering in an online gallery soon after the voyage
  • Each traveler will receive a personalized travel journal (pre-journey) and a set of beautifully printed photographs (post-journey)
  • If you live in the Portland Oregon area, we will gather as a group for a typical Roman dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, to get a taste of what's to come!

4 minimum travelers, with a maximum of 8
7 days, 6 nights (some voyages last 10 days depending on location)

$1200 reservation fee per person needed to secure your voyage
4 travelers must sign up for the group voyage plans to be confirmed
The remainder is due 5 months prior to the voyage date


  • Single occupancy rooms are 1st come 1st served. They are not commonly available in European cities (reserve early to secure your preference)
  • Prices may increase if reservations are made with less than 5 months remaining to our departure date (reflecting Rome's own rate increases)
  • For what is included in adventures outside of Rome (for example: Naxos, Greece in '19) please inquire. Each location offers unique opportunities!


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Send me a: MESSAGE

Send me a message with your preferred voyage dates and/or any questions you might have. If you have any custom voyage dates you'd like me to consider, feel free to message me about them (I may have flexibility).

I can't wait to hear from you!

~ Alice