Welcome to Rome!  ©DivoraRoma.com by ©MoscaStudio.com

(primo giorno):

Get to Rome. Meet me at our lodgings so I can welcome you to the Eternal City! I will greet you, hand you your key and show you around our home for the next week. You'll most likely want to wash up and take a nap, or maybe you're so excited that you want to go out and about already! Either way, no problem at all. This first day is for all to get there and to settle in for the Divora Roma experience. I'll see you for dinner! I'll have it all ready for you so you don't have to worry about it. Grab a glass of wine, a bite of food and rest up as you wish.

Panorama of Rome, looking southwest, from one of Rome's 7 hills (Il Pincio) ©DivoraRoma.com by ©MoscaStudio.com

(secondo e terzo giorno):

Welcome to your first full days in Rome! It is exciting and an honor for me to have you as my guests. I promise to be the best host I can be, and very much look forward to showing you around! We will gather at a certain time in the morning, and will go from there. Breakfast (colazione), lunch (pranzo) and dinner (cena) will be delicious and part of both days' experiences. We will explore the city on foot and will stop to sight see and eat, as we go. Depending on what time of year you choose to trail with Divora Roma, we will visit places such as the Pantheon (my favorite building in the world!), the Roman Forum, Trajan's Markets, Trevi Fountain, the Garden of the Oranges, the Villa Borghese gardens, and more. All in either walking distance to each other, or we can always hop on the metro. Easy!

Guest chefs will come show us how to prep and cook typical Roman dishes on one of the days, using the vegetables and ingredients will will have gathered ourselves at the markets (all included in your voyage with Divora Roma). While out and about in Rome, we will eat along the way as we explore. It can be at the local market, or at a typical trattoria, or at a proper more formal restaurant. When at our residence, we will have a chef showing us the ways, and we will eat an unforgettable home cooked meal. I promise nothing short of typical, Roman (at times Italian) cuisines that will be delicious and eye opening. All of it is included is the activities so you can just sit back and experience life... in Rome!

Due caffe' after lunch at Trattoria Romanesca, Campo de Fiori, Rome| ©DivoraRoma.com by ©MoscaStudio.com

(quarto giorno):

We'll get out of the city for a while... Rome is stunning and full of life! But I like to break up that hustle and bustle with a bit of countryside, peaceful exploration. We'll taste wines and olive oils and cheeses, we'll see stunning sites along the way, and we'll eat at local eateries just as Italians do when they take to the roads. So very excited about this! Transportation is provided so that we can all go together and not worry about a thing. Some of the ancient towns on the Divora Roma list are (but not limited to) the following: Bracciano (where much of my family is from), Civita Di Bagnoreggio & Orvieto (Lazio), Siena & Arezzo & Cortona (Tuscany), Norcia & Gubbio & Cesi (Umbria).

The towns we will visit will be dependent upon the time of year, the weather, and more (including festivals, harvests, etc). It will be stunning and delicious! That night, we will return home to Rome and will relax with a delicious meal and a night of whatever you want to do. We can play it by ear and leave it up to each of you to decide. Some of you may be tired from the countryside excursion, while others may want to go out on the town some more... Either way, it'll be perfect!

Day trip to the country side. This is Anguillara, on Lake Bracciano (where much of my family is from)   | ©DivoraRoma.com by ©MoscaStudio.com

(quinto e sesto giorno):

The voyage is almost at it's end (*sad*), so we'll make the best of the last days and nights, no question about it! Back in Rome and ready to taste more Roman foods among the ancient ruins of the city. We will have colazione (breakfast) around our lodgings, we'll have pranzo (lunch) in picturesque outdoor seating in one of Rome's piazze, and we'll have our last dinners together at one of my favorite rooftop terrace restaurants with stunning views of ancient Rome. All arrangements will have been made ahead of time, of course. All we have to do is dress up and celebrate a fun-filled week together in beautiful Italy! It's a night of food and drink and celebration. We'll take plenty of selfies and we'll relive our experiences together over wine, while we stare at Rome by night. Rome at night is lit up and beautiful! Picture perfect. 

Il Biondo Tevere (the Tiber River) with the Isola Tiberina to the right   | ©DivoraRoma.com by ©MoscaStudio.com

(settimo giorno):

We will wake up and get ready to head our separate ways (*super sad*). Some of you may stick around for a while, while others may have other plans away from Rome. Either way, I will see each of you off as you depart, because I won't let you go without one last Alice-hug ;) I'll be there to help you figure out how to get to your next destination, in case you need it, and will eventually wave each of you arrivederci (which means: see you again soon!).