Rome & Bracciano in May/June 2017:

A small collection of the latest professional images taken in the months of May and June 2017 of Rome and surroundings. The beauty of her buildings and panoramic terraces and marble. A lifetime is not enough! 

Images courtesy (Alice's professional photography business)

Italy in black & white film photographs (summer trip 2000)

A collection of images on Rome and surroundings, taken on film in the year 2000 by Alice. The graininess and depth gives me the feeling of age and history. There is so much to see in the Old World. I am excited to show it to you!

Images courtesy (Alice's professional photography business)

Rome: images taken in May of 2013 while visiting my family

Visiting family in Rome and surroundings every year, is one of the highlights of my life! Italy is beautiful no matter what time of year, but there is something to be said about feeling the heat of the sun while exploring stunning archaeological sites. it makes the shaded and cool museums that much more exciting ;) 

Images courtesy 
(Alice's professional photography business)

Day trip to Norcia, Umbria: Where Italy's most famous meat products are made

Norcia is a small town at high altitude in the region of Umbria. It takes plenty of narrow and curvy country roads to get there, but it is so worth it! From Rome, it is about 4 hours away (simply due to the lack of major highways). Norcia is historically known for its meats and meat curing abilities, and it is know a world-famous town visited by tourists and restauranteurs alike. When I went there, I personally purchased local salamis and locally sourced truffles. Absolutely delicious!

Images courtesy 
(Alice's professional photography business)