Most of our Divora-series adventures begin in Rome, while some of them begin in select other villages and regions around Italy.

Italy is comprised of 13 regions, each of which has a capital city and hundreds of villages and hamlets throughout. Traditions vary not only from region to region, but from hamlet to hamlet! One hilltop village will claim to have the most famous pine nut cake, while the next town over claims the same. We benefit from this "taste war" because we get to visit each location and decide for ourselves.

Travel adventures with DivoraRoma vary each year. Check back often for new travel dates and locations, and if you'd like to create a custom adventure in an area I have not yet mentioned, send me a message so I can plan it for you. I create custom culinary and cultural trips, anywhere in Italy. Let's go!

Adventure Description:

2 to 8 travelers
7 or 9 days
all inclusive

We'll begin all of our Italian peninsula adventures, in Rome (unless you choose a Divora trip to Naxos Greece or Western/Eastern Sicily - Do not worry one bit, I'll help you with logistics for how to find me in Italy!). Choose your favorite airline and preferred flight to Rome, then meet me at our apartment. I have the bulk of my miles with one specific airline, but many different ones travel to Rome, so choose the one that you prefer, as long as you land in Fiumicino or Ciampino airports). If you will be traveling to other countries in Europe or regions of Italy before joining me, that's wonderful! Trains and busses are great ways to get around, too. I'll help you determine the best way to get to me based on where you are traveling from.

I'll provide you with all of the information about where and how to reach me, ahead of time, don't worry! Part of what I offer you as a DivoraRoma travelers, is the pre-departure planning session in person or over the phone/Skype or via email, so that you are fully prepared for the trip. I provide a care package for every individual traveler or every couple traveling together, containing maps, travel information about our area, helpful phone numbers and addresses, a full itinerary showing our activities for the week, as well as a personalized travel journal for you to enjoy during our week together. I'll be your local Roman host, while you enjoy yourself as my guest. I can't wait!

Living like the locals, immersed in the culture, is one of the key elements of my DivoraRoma adventures! You'll feel like you're part of the local culture and people, in no time, as you explore it alongside myself and your traveling companions. You will have your own private bedroom and bathroom, and full access to the entire space: gourmet kitchen, sitting room, and sometimes a terrace (if available). 

You will experience the culinary world Rome (and other locations) is famous for, by touring known and off-the-beaten-path eateries both, alongside myself, native Roman and your personal guide and chaperone. Be prepared to experience hands-on cooking classes taught by myself and my trusted local Roman chefs, as well as deliciously prepared dining experiences in local restaurants and enoteche (wine tasting rooms).

Rome is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and as such, is an "open air museum" and offers thousands of famous and less known archaeological and historical sites. We will take the time to visit some of these special sites, guided by knowledgeable and licensed local history experts. Have you wanted to enter the Colosseum and see its basement trenches at night by the light of the full moon? You can! How about touring the little known (and newly opened Domus Aurea (Nero's Golden Palace) only visitable with archaeologists working on site, with hard hats and special permits? You can! I'll organize it all for you, as your personal Italian-speaking concierge, and you'll leave Rome ewe-struck (and wanting more) - that's good!

If your chosen adventure is of 9 days, the second half together will be spent moving into the country. Locations vary depending on availabilities and season but are certainly always  calm and quaint medieval villages in Lazio (Bracciano, Orvieto, etc) Umbria (Narni, Amelia etc), Tuscany (Siena, Asciano, Meleto, Cortona etc), Puglia (Ostuni, Alberobello etc), or Campania (Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento etc). Check in with me often, to see where we will go next!

One thing is for sure: You will experience, first hand, the locals' lifestyle in the great big capital city of Rome, and in quaint villages outside of Rome. You'll immerse yourself in the culture and will participate in the everyday activities, such as shopping for fresh ingredients in the local markets or picking olives from the olive groves to make our own olive oil. You'll get a 7 or 9-day taste of Mediterranean life as a true Italian by observing and participating in our day while we are welcomed into people's homes, restaurants, vineyards and more.

Join me!

~ Alice

Travel Dates:


March 10 - 19 | Rome + Orvieto, Lazio

May 6 - 13 | Rome

May 15 -22 | Athens + Naxos Greece (details)

October 10 - 19 | Rome + Cortona, Tuscany

October 20 - 27 | Eastern Sicily


May 1 - 8 | Rome Full. THANK YOU! (photos)

October 13 - 20 | Rome Full. THANK YOU! (details)

October 20 - 24 | East Sicily Full. THANK YOU!


Rome, May 24-31 (7 days) Photos
Rome, June 3-10 (7 days) Photos