My Family's Places in Rome's Testaccio Neighborhood. Benvenuti!

Italians are not known for having the most current modes of communication... None of the places listed below have a web site for me to share with you. HOWEVER, they are online via Facebook/Tripadvisor/Yelp. Believe me when I say that they each have a loooong history of creating delicious foods, and satisfying local Romans for decades without complaints ;) Their reputation echoes throughout the neighborhood and around the city, and with today's internet and travel sources (such as Divora Roma!) word of their deliciousness is spreading even further. 

I visit Each and every one of them whenever I can, and you better believe that I'll take you there on our Divora Roma voyages. I am not only proud of the food and the people, I am honored to bring you into my own personal space, my own home, of sorts. You are all welcome!

Benvenuti! <3

  • Pasticceria Di Zio: Hand made typical Roman pastries and cakes. Generations of pastry chefs working hard, every day, to create stunning desserts to eat on the go and to take to go, as well. PS: Taking a tray of pastries to go is a very typical Italian thing to do, especially so if one is invited to another's home for lunch or dinner. Just this past January 2016, I visited them with my mom and aunt. The sister with two brothers with the mother and father were ALL there, working hard and happy to see us :) (Facebook)
  • Enoteca Palombi: Wines from around Italy and the world, paired with delicious lunches and dinners. They offer wine tastings and dinner pairings, as well as a lively outdoor seating area in the warm summer months. They are located right in the center of the neighborhood in Piazza Testaccio! (Facebook)
  • L'Oasi Della Birra: Beers from all over the world! Italy has it's own brands too, which you will easily be able to learn about (and drink!) when we visit together. It is a very unique place with it's entrance being in the back of Enoteca Palombi, down below the street level, in the old caverns under the building. Low arched ceilings made of brick and mortar will make you feel like you're in a private, secret dungeon. Did I mention that their pizzas and meat plates and pasta dishes are to die for?? (Facebook)