Rome voted for the BEST gelateria in town! (May 2016)

Honestly, I'd have a hard time choosing the best gelato place in Rome, since every time I've walked into one, it's  been delicious! This was a brief contest put on by Romans for Romans, so we better take a good hard look at the results since EXPERTS were the ones to vote ;)

RomaToday is an online resource for all things Rome, in Italian. I follow it's news and articles closely, so I can keep in the know of all things Rome. When this Best Gelateria contest popped up, I knew I'd be sharing the top 5 gelaterie with you. Its practically my duty!

#aRomacipiace means "in Rome we like". PERFECT!


Top 4 gelaterie in Rome as of May 2016:

  1. Al Conosseo - Via Cavour, 289, 00184 Roma, Italy (11am to 10pm)
  2. Grostè Gelateria Artigianale - Via dei Castani, 238, Roma, Italy 
  3. La Panchina Di Roby - Via della Pisana 514/516, Roma (12pm to 9pm)
  4. Mamó Gelateria - Via Lorenzo il Magnifico 118, Roma, Italia