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You'll see photographs of Rome & Italy, it's culinary scene & historical beauty, as well as DivoraRoma information.
Share it with your friends and let's all go as a group! 



  • Get to our starting point (usually: Rome) and let's get started!
  • I was born in Rome and am from the Testaccio neighborhood, so I will be your translator, negotiator & expert local guide
  • You'll live for one week in a beautiful centrally located apartment with easy access to sites, museums and restaurants
  • 4 out of 6 lunches (you are free to do as you please for the un-programmed 2)
  • 3 out of 6 dinners at delicious carefully chosen restaurants catering specifically to DivoraRoma 
  • 1 out of 6 dinners at our apartment catered by a DivoraRoma-chosen private chef (we will observe and learn to cook typical dishes)
  • 1 bottle of white and 1 bottle of red wine for each programmed lunch and dinner included (more wine available upon request, for purchase)
  • Day-trip(s) in surrounding areas for olive oil, wine and/or cheese tastings and sight seeing (depending on the time of year and availabilities)
  • Entire experience documented in professional photographs by myself (founder of both DivoraRoma and or associates
  • Each traveler will receive a personalized travel journal (pre-journey) and a set of beautiful printed photographs (post-journey)
  • If you live in the Portland Oregon area, we will gather as a group for a typical Roman dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, to get a taste of what's to come!

4 to 8 travelers
7 days, 6 nights


I will take care of your lodgings. You'll stay in a beautiful flat in central Rome (historic farmstead villa or central apartment in the Tuscan hills or the Puglia region, or wherever your chosen DivoraRoma voyage takes you!) and you'll experience the city, the town, the area, as the locals have for hundreds of years. We will eat delicious and typical dishes of the area and learn to make some of them ourselves, with our own personal chef. Excursions to nearby towns to taste handmade olive oils, wines and cheeses will give you an opportunity to see the country surrounding Rome, around Tuscany, in Puglia and beyond. There will be cheese, wine, olive oil and artisanal water tastings, together with exploration of both famous and little known archaeological sites and museums, and of course... shopping! Rome is filled with vintage markets for high fashion and handmade artifacts. Florence is nearby and filled with Renaissance art and plenty of vintage shopping as well! Our week together will be exciting and all-inclusive. I look forward to showing you around my home country!



  • It is important for each Divora Roma guest to be respectful of all cultures, accepting of local custom, and open minded to non-USA ways of being. Rome is loud. Rome is dirty. Rome is full of people... but Rome is also steeped in history, beautifully built over millennia, a Unesco World Heritage site, and absolutely incredible <3

  • Simply: please be mindful of the fact that you are a guest in another country, and always ask if you are unsure of anything. No question will go unanswered and no question is "dumb". The world is as safe and reliable, in more ways that one.

  • Don't worry! I (Alice) was born in Rome, I am an Italian citizen and I speak Italian fluently (the Roman dialect, too). I have solid local contacts prepared to welcome my Divora Roma guests. You should feel absolutely safe and secure around me; just follow my lead. I am eager to show you what Rome is all about!


  • Once the trip is official, we will send you detailed pre-voyage planning information guide including details about what to bring, and the complete itinerary as well. For now, know that you are encouraged to bring a camera, great walking shoes, a world phone or an international phone/data plan, an appetite for the Italian culture (and foods!), and an open mind...

  • The Divora Roma experience is intended to be very intimate and personalized. It is designed for adults 21 and over (there will be wine!). We are opening each group to a maximum of 8 people and a minimum of 4. Come with a friend, or with your love, or with your family. Make this an experience to share with someone you hold dear. This can be your girls' trip, or your family trip or even part of your honeymoon <3