Live nestled in the historic center of Rome or in surrounding burgs and citadels. All-inclusive Food & Wine and Cultural trip to experience the real, local, Italy alongside native Roman, Alice.

Welcome to DivoraRoma!

DivoraRoma = DEVOUR Rome
A 7 day, all-inclusive culinary and cultural trip through my native city of Rome (and surroundings).


     A group of 4 to 8 kindred spirit fellow travelers will enjoy a fully-catered food & wine and cultural experience in Italy. I will be your host and guide, your organizer and negotiator, showing you the off-the-beaten-path secrets of Rome and surrounding burgs and citadels, avoiding the typical tourist places. My family and friends in Rome and the surrounding areas will help create an authentic experience by providing cooking lessons, vineyard tastings, chauffeured day trips to the countryside, and much much more.

     Join me on my all-inclusive 7 day trip for a very special, personalized and unique experience you'll not soon forget. Keep in touch and check back often as I will be adding new and exciting locations as DivoraRoma evolves (2018 has all-inclusive weeks in Tuscany and Puglia in the works, as well!).

     ~ Alice - An All-inclusive Culinary Voyage Through

Rome + Puglia + Tuscany + *Special Location


April 22 - 29, 2018 = Tuscany (one week)

In the historic hills of Tuscany, immersed in world renowned vineyards and medieval hilltop towns filled with romance and delicious typical local fresh autumn harvest cuisine. Mild temperatures and tranquil settings before tourism picks up. Fresh spring harvests surrounded by vineyards. Day trips to the nearby towns and citadels will expand your Tuscany experience. Be ready for cooking classed and delicious wines.

May 1 - May 8, 2018 = Rome (one week) PRIVATE

Private and custom trip to Rome (group of friends celebrating a 40th birthday!)
It will be confirmed on of before November 15th, 2017.
Thank you for your patience and stay tuned!

May 15-22, 2018 = * Special location: The island of Naxos, Greece (one week)

This special location continues to be researched and organized in depth, as of October/November 2017. The beautiful and typical local villa and the wonderful local food-related individuals helping us create an in-depth Naxos experience, are coming to reality, and I am excited! If you'd like to visit Naxos though DivoraRoma, please email me so I can get a good idea of the number of travelers interested. This is as all-inclusive as all other DivoraRoma adventures through Italy... but in Greece! -->

October 16 - 23, 2018 = Rome (focusing on Bracciano Lake area) (one week)

The historic center of the Roman Empire and the birthplace of the Baroque art movement (among so much more). Live nestled in the center of Rome in our very own, private and luxurious flat, walking distance from it all. Eat local foods, drinks local wines, experience this Unesco World Heritage city as it should be experienced: with a local (myself), catered and perfect!

The focus of this voyage: Mid-Autumn harvest focusing on olive oil harvesting & olive oil making workshops in the beautiful medieval lake region just outside of Rome. Bracciano Lake is a volcanic crater filled with fresh water and surrounded by olive groves. Part of my family grew up here and olive oil production is a prominent industry. We will participate in olive harvesting and oil production, as well as tastings. Wine, cheese, local foods and day trips are included, of course.

October 25 - November 4, 2018 = Rome + Puglia (10 days)  

First part: The historic center of the Roman Empire and the birthplace of the Baroque art movement (among so much more). Live nestled in the center of Rome in our very own, private and luxurious flat, walking distance from it all. Eat local foods, drinks local wines, experience this Unesco World Heritage city as it should be experienced: with a local (myself), catered and perfect! 

Second part: The beautiful and ancient "heel of the boot" region of Italy (Puglia) is known for its unique white and conical shaped Trullo (the typical home structure there) and some of the world's oldest groves of ancient olive trees. The Mediterranean is extra turquoise here due to the light colored sand, and it feels like stepping back in time with its simple and laid-back lifestyle. We will enjoy local markets, sunny days, and peaceful settings on the Mediterranean coast.


Helpful Information:

Plan your trip

Choose your favorite airline and preferred flight to Rome, then meet me at our lodgings. I have the bulk of my miles with one specific airline, but many different ones travel to Rome, so choose the one that you prefer, as long as you land in Fiumicino or Ciampino airports). If you will be traveling to other countries or regions before joining me, that's wonderful! Trains and busses are great ways to get around in Italy, too. I'll help you determine the best way to get to me based on the way you choose to travel. I'll provide you with all of the information about where and how to reach me, ahead of time, don't worry! Part of what I offer you as a DivoraRoma travelers, is the pre-departure planning session in person or over the phone/Skype, so that you are fully prepared for the trip. I provide a care package for every individual traveler or every couple traveling together, containing maps, travel information about our area, helpful phone numbers and addresses, a full itinerary showing our activities for the week, as well as a personalized travel journal for you to enjoy during our week together. Ill be your local Roman host, while you enjoy yourself as my guest. I can't wait!

Once in Rome

Once you and the rest of the travelers safely arrive, you'll be greeted with a spread of delicious finger foods (meats and cheeses and breads) and local wines to welcome you to Italy! You'll have plenty of time to settle into your room, unpack and freshen up, before we all head out on our first afternoon together. This first day is most likely a big travel day for you, so I'll make sure that we take it easy. I'll show you our neighborhood so you can get a sense of our location and what there is to do and see right around us. I'll provide you with maps and helpful advice about our specific location, so that you can be as independent as you like, during our week together. As a group, we'll experience lunches and dinners in local establishments



Solo traveling, as a couple or in a group

Bring your family, gather close friends, be with your partner, or leave it to me to bring group of 4 to 8 perfectly wonderful people together for a fun and delicious culinary journey though Rome. While the home's kitchen and living room is communal, each traveler (solo or as a pair) will have complete privacy in the bedroom. 

I will take care of your lodgings. You'll stay in a beautiful flat in central Rome (historic farmstead villa or central apartment in the Tuscan hills or the Puglia region, or wherever your chosen DivoraRoma voyage takes you!) and you'll experience the city, the town, the area, as the locals have for hundreds of years. We will eat delicious and typical dishes of the area and learn to make some of them ourselves, with our own personal chef. Excursions to nearby towns to taste handmade olive oils, wines and cheeses will give you an opportunity to see the country surrounding Rome, around Tuscany, in Puglia and beyond. There will be cheese, wine, olive oil and artisanal water tastings, together with exploration of both famous and little known archaeological sites and museums, and of course... shopping! Rome is filled with vintage markets for high fashion and handmade artifacts. Florence is nearby and filled with Renaissance art and plenty of vintage shopping as well! Our week together will be exciting and all-inclusive. I look forward to showing you around my home country!

Outside of Rome

2018's trips will include culinary experiences outside of Rome as well: the beautiful region of Puglia, in the "heel" of the boot, with it's turquoise blue Mediterranean settings and white washed ancient buildings; or the majestic Tuscan hills with the deep green of the grasses and ancient cypress trees lining hillside roads leading to vineyards and castles. Please see the 2018 voyage date page for detailed information. Custom culinary trips are welcome too, of course.


Traveler Feedback:

My mom and I had a fantastic experience with DivoraRoma! Alice truly made us feel at home in Rome, which was a great change from the usual touristy experience you inevitably end up having abroad. Our apartment was super comfortable and in a perfect location. The tour was a great balance between planned activities and time off - so you can have your relaxing vacation as well as your action packed vacation. We learned so much about the history of Rome, it’s people, and it’s culture (particularly the food and wine!) all while experiencing the best of modern day Rome. Would strongly recommend this experience to others!
— Julie, DivoraRoma traveler (June 3, 2017)