DivoraRoma's June 3-10, 2017 was a great success!

The fabulous group of 3 travelers (+ myself) had a great time... and we certainly had many chances to taste a delicious variety of foods and wines from Rome and the surrounding area (including a day trip to my family's home town outside of Rome: Bracciano AND a second day trip to a childhood hangout of mine: Civita Di Bagnoreggio - more on this on my travel journal/blog soon!), a cooking class in our apartment, a professionally organized wine and food tasting of 9 wines and 9 dishes at the super fun Roscioli restaurant, and  sightseeing around the archaeological (Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum) and history (Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and St Peter's), and just plain FUN!

Below is a summary of our experiences and activities together, as well as a slideshow of the highlight images from our glorious week together:


My travelers came at different times on June 3rd 2017. We settled into the beautiful apartment in the Prati area, near central Rome (by Piazza Del Popolo and the Vatican) and then began our week with a passeggiata (evening walkabout) and a delicious Roman dinner a at the delicious Antica Enoteca on Via Della Croce by the Spanish Steps. Keeping the half day simple and easy was a gola of mine, so as to let all travelers adjust to being in Rome after a day of travel. I wanted to organize a casual yet sophisticated week for this group of travelers, whim had never been to Rome before! The Roscioli 9 food and wine tasting was delicious and a fantastic start to our experiences in Rome together. We spend 4 hours eating and sipping on wines from all over Italy, and learning about their process and flavors. Around midnight, we happily walked home to our apartment, through the fantastically lit up streets of Rome. We explored the various Rioni (neighborhoods) on Rome as the days went by (Trastevere, Campo De Fiori and more), while enjoying the delicious eats of the area. Gelato and caffe' were always part of our daily routines, allowing us to keep a steady and vibrant pace. Evening naps (riposino) are a part of day to day life in Rome (in Italy in general) so we took advantage of them too, allowing us to rest up for an hour or two in the hottest part of the day, so we could freshen up and dress up for the afternoon and evening events. Our two day trips were very a great way to break up the hustle and bustle of Rome, with the peaceful tranquillity of the country side. Bracciano is where most of my family is from and goes to during the hottest summer months. Rome is only about 45 minutes away, so it is an easy drive in and out of the city. We visited the medieval castle in Bracciano and enjoying a delicious lunch al fresco at Trattoria Vicarello, a derelict farm house along the lake road. It's not on any tourist books... this is where my family goes to have a delicious lunch. Private and little knows, and oh so fresh. All of my DivoraRoma guests will receive recipes and photographs of just about everything we had a chance to cook and eat during out week together, by the way! ;) The second day trip was to Civita Di Bagnoreggio, which is an originally Etruscan settlement on top of a hill made of tuff (pumice), turned Roman town, turned medieval village, turned hip artist gathering as of today. Civita is about 1 and a half hours from Rome along a beautiful country drive. I cannot forget the super fun home cooking class and lunch we had one Monday! Tour operator Susannetta put me in touch with Eataly chef Silvia, who met us at the Jewish market (Campo De Fiori) that morning, to help us purchase ingredients fo the cooking class. We all took taxis back to the beautiful apartment (Visconti House) and then learnt to make pasta, saltimbocca and tiramisu. So fun and so delicious! We visited the Colosseum and the Vatican on two separate days, for half a day each, so we could get a full taste of Rome's Roman empire AND Rome's Papal history as well. All so very interesting and beautiful! I love to combine my food and wine expreriences with art, architecture and history tours too... The latter are not included in DivoraRoma, but I absolutely enjoy organizing and facilitating the purcahsing of tour tickets for my ravelers. In fact, I participate too! ;) This is but a summary of our full week of eating, drinking, exploring and friendships. I am so very proud of what I was able to organize for all, and am extremely impressed by all of the Roman businesses I worked with ahead of time, in order to assure a perfect stay for my guests. I am very much looking forward to more experiences! Thank you for reading! 

~ Alice


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