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Naxos: MAY 15 to MAY 22, 2019

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* CHECK IN: May 15, 2019 (4-6pm)
* CHECK OUT: May 22, 2019 (10am)

Our Home in Naxos address is:
Villa Paradise, Naxos Town, Naxos, Cyclades, South Aegean 84300

Scroll down for the map, the link and photographs of the interior and our stunning terrace!


* Depart the west coast on May 13
* Arrive in Athens on May 14
* Rest and adjust overnight (jet lag!)
* IMPORTANT: Fly to Naxos Island on May 15 on the one Aegean flight leaving Athens at 4pm and landing in Naxos at 4:40pm (Aegean Airlines)

I recommend Google Flights for airline/flight research for the West Coast to Athens portion of your adventure


The calendar of events for our week in Naxos will appear here as a LINK (coming soon) to a PDF file.

It is tentative and may change slightly as time passes. It will be confirmed one month before our start date


* Please purchase Travel Insurance * This is so very important and required as it covers any emergency expenses you might need while abroad. I am your chaperone, but there is only so much I can do in case of major emergencies (or if airlines lose your luggage).

Use our Travel Insurance Comparison Tool, choose the coverage that best suits you, and click to purchase it. It is well worth it, and more affordable than you might think! :)


As you document your adventure with us on your smartphone, please tag your images with our week’s hashtag #DivoraRomaMay15 and please link @DivoraRoma as well.

Your images will appear in the Instagram section below and we’ll be able to look each other’s images up via the hashtag, as a group! So fun!


* WhatsApp is the way to communicate abroad as a group
* Download the WHATSAPP app on your phone
* Enter my number (503) 989-8968
* Send me a WhatsApp message to confirm


* WhatsApp is the main method for immediacy
* My email address:


As you can see form the embedded map, we are next to a beautiful beach and the Plaka town. You will be picked up at the Naxos airport at 5pm on May 15th (everyone should be arriving at 4:40pm on the island with Aegean) and, together, we will drive to the villa just in time for our welcome happy hour and dinner! :D

Take note of our address:

Villa Paradise
Naxos Town, Naxos
Cyclades, South Aegean 84300

CHECK IN: May 15 (3-5pm)
CHECK OUT: May 22 (11am)


Photographs of our Home In Naxos:

Our villa is a typical way to lodge in Greece. It is a complex of mini villas with a varying number of bedrooms and bathrooms, perched on an incline, with views of the Mediterranean.

This places is beautiful! They have just remodeled it and have added a swimming pool as well, which is wonderful in case we didn’t want to walk 10 minutes to the beach, ha! ;) I think we’ll really enjoy relaxing here and making this our home base for the week! Our specific rooms will be assigned once Adonis and I arrive and organize, prior to your arrival.

For now, click on any of the photographs below, to see the larger versions of this paradise!

Getting to Naxos (and then leaving Naxos):

** IMPORTANT: Please make sure you arrive on the island on May 15th on the Aegean Airlines flight that lands at 4:40pm from Athens. By now, I have spoken to all of you and it seems like you will ALL be on the same flight, how fun! Adonis and I will be picking you at the airport in Naxos at 5pm. TURN ON YOUR PHONES once you land so that we can communicate as a group via WhatApp to find each other **

Leaving Naxos is a sad thing to talk about right now booooo, but know that check out is at 10am on May 22nd and that we will all be traveling to the airport at the same time that morning. Each of you may want to spread out and travel to different destinations, but we will all be leaving the villa at 10am at the latest.

Overall impressions about the beautiful island of Naxos: - An All-inclusive Culinary Voyage Through - An All-inclusive Culinary Voyage Through

I have personally spent an incredible week there long ago, and have vowed to return ever since. My good friend and Greek citizen Adonis and his family, often travel to Naxos and agree with me about it's authenticity and beauty (and its delicious culinary opportunities!). He has partnered with me to be my eyes and ears and local expert on Naxos, for which I am so grateful! 

Naxos is an impressive island. It is part of the same group of islands of which the more famous Mykonos is a part of (the Cyclades), but it continues to maintain it's independence form the neighboring party scenes and high roller lifestyle. Naxos is a big island, with the most fertile land amongst all islands. Mt Zeus (the tallest mountain on any Greek island - 3,300 feet) helps trap clouds on the north side, dumping plenty of rain onto the rich soils which, in turn, spread over the vast plantations of vegetables, olive and citrus trees. The south shore is more dry, allowing for dramatic desert-like landscapes and imposing cliffs on the Mediterranean.

Naxos has a beautiful balance of wet (north) and dry (south) which has allowed for millennia of experience in the world of cultivating and herding (it has been continuously inhabited since 4000BC and continues to hold onto it's rich traditions and laid back, sloooooow paces lifestyle). The island is well known for it's endemic lemon species as well as it's local sheep's cheese, not to mention the delicious bounty of fish provided by the fish Mediterranean waters. Esthetically, there is plenty of opportunity for exploration of the tiny old churches and monasteries in the island's mysteriously beautiful interior (as well as the iconic windmills).

The beaches are some of the most beautiful in the group of islands, with far fewer people competing for space. A true unexplored gem! 

I am excited to explore the island and it's traditions and scenery with you! 

xoxo Alice

Scroll left and right for a slideshow of Adonis’ photographs of Naxos:

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