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Rome: MAY 6 to MAY 13, 2019

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* CHECK IN: May 6, 2019 (4pm)
* CHECK OUT: May 13, 2019 (11am)

Our Home In Rome address is: Via Giulia 163, 00186, Roma (Scroll down for the map, the link and photographs of the interior and our stunning terrace!


* Depart the west coast on May 4
* Arrive in Rome on May 5 (next day)
* Rest and adjust overnight (jet lag!)
* Meet me on May 6 at 4pm (YAY!)

I recommend Google Flights for airline/flight shopping


The calendar of events for our week in Rome will appear here as a LINK (coming soon) to a PDF file.

It is tentative and may change slightly as time passes. It will be confirmed one month before our start date


* Please purchase Travel Insurance * This is so very important and required as it covers any emergency expenses you might need while abroad. I am your chaperone, but there is only so much I can do in case of major emergencies (or if airlines lose your luggage).

Use our Travel Insurance Comparison Tool, choose the coverage that best suits you, and click to purchase it. It is well worth it, and more affordable than you might think! :)


As you document your adventure with us on your smartphone, please tag your images with our week’s hashtag #DivoraRomaMay6 and please link @DivoraRoma as well.

Your images will appear in the Instagram section below and we’ll be able to look each other’s images up via the hashtag, as a group! So fun!


* WhatsApp is the way to communicate abroad as a group
* Download the WHATSAPP app on your phone
* Enter my number (503) 989-8968
* Send me a WhatsApp message to confirm


* WhatsApp is the main method for immediacy
* My email address:


As you can see form the embedded map, we are in the center of it all! Everything is a short walk away. When we arrive, we’ll take a tour of our ‘hood on our way to our welcome happy hour. That’s right. A welcome happy hour before the welcome dinner! :D

Take note of our address:

Via Giulia 163

(Google Map Link)

CHECK IN: May 6 (4pm)
CHECK OUT: May 13 (11am)


Photographs of our Home In Rome:

Our home is very spacious and in an incredibly historic building (more information about this, coming soon!). It was remodeled and updated on the inside to be a bit more modern and current, but it still has its charm. The views from our terrace are ridiculous! 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, very private and cozy and oh so central to it all! Click on any of the photographs below, to see the larger versions.

Getting to Rome (and then leaving Rome):

To help you find ways to get to Rome on May 6th, use this tool. It shows you exactly how to get from Point A to Point B, anywhere in the world. Once you enter Point A to Point B, click on Search to be redirected to their website. You’ll see a world map delineating your search, and all available transportation options on the left hand side. So fun!

Archaeology & History:

So much history and archaeology in Rome. I'll leave it up to you to let me know if you have any sites you prefer to visit over others. Here is my short list of the most popular and famous sites to see in Rome (either with a private guide or on your own). Expert archaeologist and historian tour guides are available to take you around Rome for an in-depth lesson on the millennia of history… Simply let me know what your interests are and I can arrange it all for you (you can then reimburse me through Venmo or cash or credit card).

For now, take a look at the amazing Roman Forum complex below:


The Roman Forum from the Palatine Hill

The Flavian Amphitheater (Colosseum)

The Roman Forum

The Palatine Hill:

"Inhabited since 1000 BC, the Palatine Hill is the most ancient part of the city. A visit to the Palatine, an open-air museum situated nearby the Forum, will allow you to gain important insights into the development of the city of Rome, from the legends of its foundation, to how it became the center of one of the most powerful empires of the Ancient World. According to Roman mythology, the Palatine Hill is where the she-wolf Lupa adopted and cared for the twins who would later found Rome, Remus and Romulus. During the city's most glorious days, throughout the Republican period and in the time of the Empire, several of the most affluent Romans, as well as Emperors Augustus, Tiberius and Domitian, lived on the Hill in magnificent palaces whose remains can still be seen today."

Source: RomaExperience

The Colosseum

"Its imposing presence and the remarkable endurance in the face of time are as impressive as the stories of cruel gladiator games and elaborate mock sea battles it hosted.  Built almost 2000 years ago by the Flavian emperors (started in 70 AD under Vespasian and completed by Titus in 80 AD), the Colosseum held a very important social role. It enabled everyone, regardless of status, to participate in public celebrations, a right of every Roman citizen. As such, the arena served a more complex role than first meets the eye, as it provided the powerful men of the day with not just a venue for mass entertainment, but also the means to influence and measure the mood of the people. In the words of 1st century Roman poet Juvenal, the crowds could be swayed in favor of one leader or another by means of “bread and circuses” (panem et circenses, in Latin). Today, the arena that could hold up to 80,000 spectators is one of the world's most visited monuments and, a detail of interest for cat lovers, currently hosts about 200 feline occupants."

Source: RomaExperience

The Roman Forum

"Located in the valley that connects the Capitoline and Palatine Hills, the Forum transformed from a marshy plot of land to the administrative, political, and economic center of Ancient Rome. In addition, the Forum was the epicenter of the city's social life, the place where citizens and slaves would cross paths with patricians and senators and attend events of public interest. A collection of beautiful and majestic ruins of buildings representing different ages in the life of the city, the Roman Forum is today one of the most important archaeological sites in the world."

Source: RomaExperience

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