Michelin Star ✽ Culinary Experiences



Dining in Italy is known to be simple, made of a handful of seasonally delicious ingredients and created with heart by home cooks of all ages, with a passion for food known throughout the world.

Italy, however, is at the culinary top of the world in more ways that one. Increasing talent is being recognized and awarded Michelin Star ratings reserved for chefs whom are at the top of their career. Who benefits is us, the foodie, the avid eater, and lover off all things culinary. Join DivoraRoma, as we participate in the high end culinary experiences of Rome by observing the Michelin masters at work, and by indulging in their creations. 

I am honored to have combined forces with Italy's only luxurious food destination management bureau, in oder to bring to you an elevated food adventure through DivoraRoma:

Michelin Star Rome & Lazio in April 2020
Michelin Star Sicily in October 2020


Michelin Star
Culinary Adventure
Rome & Lazio

Beginning and ending in Rome, April 2020

5 days and 4 nights
Luxurious 4-star accommodations
All dinners and select wines included
Elegant private transportation
Exclusive dining experiences
Elevated Michelin Star level culinary tastings
In both Rome and the Lazio region
$5000 per person


 "From Rome to the discovery of the region of Lazio, between the riviera and the classical castles. This is a Grand Tour, a journey through the exploration of the regional territory of Lazio, the cradle of Western Civilization, where myths and legends intertwine with history and traditions. Lazio offers a wide variety of environments form the coast to the inner lands, offering a unique experience amongst ancient flavors and unmistakable beauty."


DAY 1:

"We arrive in Rome and check into the luxurious and exclusive Hotel De Russie. We will taste Lazio wines led by expert sommelier Valerio Capriotti. We will then enjoy a breathtaking dinner hosted by Chef Renato Trabalza at the historic Trattoria Sora Lella. This is authentic cooking to rediscover forgotten dishes made with only true Roman local products. We will return to Hotel De Russie for our first night."

✽ DAY 2:

"We ride in style towards the coast of Rome, at the port town of Fiumicino, where we will dine on the Tellina: a rare small-sized shellfish similar to clams but so incredibly tasty in their peculiar sweetness and tenderness. Telline were rediscovered recently after decades having disappeared from our local seas. They are prized and very rare and well worth the drive to the coast. Chef Gianfranco Pascucci (✽ 1-star Michelin) will showcase his talents for lunch at his restaurant Pascucci. After lunch we will move inwards again, into the hills of the Castelli Romani. Dinner will be at the Antonello Colonna resort, where Antonello Colonna's restaurant (✽ 1-star Michelin) will serve us sophisticated interpretations of local flares before we turn in for our second night (at his resort)."

DAY 3:

"We will travel to the ancient port town of Anzio where we will learn the secrets of seafood preparation with local fishermen. We will observe and help the fishermen and their cooperative by learning about recognizing and choosing the perfect fish from the available fresh catch of the day, offloaded from their boats that same day. Lunch is at the stunning and exclusive seaside restaurant La Fraschetta Del Mare. In the afternoon, we will stop to enjoy a local one tasting at the port town of Neptune, known for its beekeeping and naturally occurring blooms throughout the year, shaping the taste and properties of the honey itself. The day ends with a dinner worth our efforts of the day: at Satricvm restaurant, where Chef Maximiliano Cotilli will present us with his emerging and innovative local cuisine."


✽ DAY 4:

"Today we visit the farmers market in the village of Labico, renowned for its fresh and local ingredients. Labico is located just 35 minutes south east of Rome and is home to Chef Antonello Colonna who will demonstrate how to prepare a delicious, elevated Roman meal for lunch using the fresh ingredients we will have gathered that day. We will taste home made breads in the afternoon in the nearby village of Lariano (where breads have been made for centuries), learning about their process and methods of baking. For dinner, we will gather at the Amita Resort back in the village of Labico where Chef Marco Bottega (✽ 1-star Michelin) will prepare a stunning meal. The night will be spent at the beautiful Amita Resort."

✽ DAY 5:

"On this fifth day, we will transfer to the beautiful town of Frascati, perhaps the most famous of the Castelli Romani area, renowned for the elegant Tuscan Palaces as well as for the area's delicious cuisine and historic wine specialties (since ancient Roman times). Master gelatiere Dario Rossi will host us as we help him gather fruits and vegetables from an organic garden where nature only meets nature. These ingredients will them be used to prepare a true farmer's gelato from scratch. Lunch is at the Restaurant Belvedere 1933, with a breathtaking view that extends beyond the borders of Rome. Later on in the day, we will visit the nearby village of Ariccia, famous for its porchetta (a typical Roman succulent smoked pig dish). We will observe the stages of its centuries-old preparation and we will taste it as an afternoon snack. In the evening, we will return to Rome for a late dinner at our innovative modern restaurant, Spazio, designed and curated by ✽ 3-star Michelin Chef Niko Romito. You will enjoy contemporary Italian cuisine based on the respect for traditions, research and innovation, with particular attention to raw produce and an exquisite preparation."