Michelin Star ✽ Culinary Tour


Join me March 1 to 8, 2020
$4400 per person

✽ Michelin Star
Culinary Tour of
Rome & Lazio

-7 days and 6 nights
-Private luxurious accommodations in the city center
-Private luxurious transportation throughout our culinary journey
-5 exclusive dining experiences in Michelin Star restaurants of varying cuisine themes
-5 casual lunches enjoyed in Roman piazze, alleyways, terraces and country farmhouses
-Visits and tastings in vineyards and groves in the Lazio region surrounding Rome
-Myself (Alice) as your local expert guide <3



Join me March 1 to 8, 2020
Michelin Star Adventure


In 2019, the country of Italy awarded 367 restaurants with coveted Michelin stars.
The region of Lazio (of which Rome is the capital) has 30 Michelin Star restaurants.
The city of Rome alone has 23.

We not only have stunning every day Roman dishes being cooked according to generation-old traditions, we also have innovative and modern interpretations of these foods, along with stunning ambiance and elegance. Rome has the best of both worlds, and everything in between.

During our week together, we will experience all levels of Roman cuisine, from my friends' and family's casual establishments in and around the city, all the way to exclusive and intimate Michelin Star restaurants.

Join me in traveling the extended world of Food & Wine in my ancient city of Rome

My 2020 #MichelinStar culinary adventure of Rome & surroundings, is a gastronomic dinner voyage through Rome as interpreted by brilliant award winning chefs, in their intimate spaces. Each of the Michelin dinners will be different from one another in both location and type of cuisine, being sure to maintain the true Italian and Roman flavors alive. We will dive into the minds of brilliant chefs as they reinterpret classic local ingredients onto mouth watering works of (edible) art. All dinners in these very special and exclusive establishments are included in my March 1-8, 2020 Michelin Star Tour of Rome, so is private lodging in the center of the city, casual Roman lunches and all local transportation with private drivers.

Much more information will be available very soon.
Enquire with me to reserve your spot, as this exclusive tour is open to just 6 travelers.
A minimum of 4 travelers is needed to make the experience a reality.
Tell your friends and family <3

Michelin Star Culinary Tour of Rome and Lazio | March 1 to 8, 2020

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March 1-8, 2020
✽ Michelin Star Culinary Tour
Rome & Lazio
$4400 pp

There is something to be said about everyday cuisine of Rome. Rome is famous for her its exposed history and her culinary scene. Roman food is supposed to be simple, made of very few simple ingredients that are local and in season. Traditional Roman food originated as the food of the poor, with scraps and offal being the main ingredients. Greens are foraged in fields and farmland nearby, making the combination of meats and side dished (and fresh made bread), a generations-old tradition.

As of late, young and intrepid chefs have decided to rethink the cuisine of Rome, by interpreting them as their own. Artful dishes with innovative ways of preparing otherwise classic ingredients, were introduced to Rome, resulting in a continuous award winning list of restaurants worthy of the very limited seating and hours of operation. The chefs research, experiment and ultimately choose dishes that best represent the locally available ingredients and the local cuisine, but in a more sophisticated way, for elevated palates and lovers of rule-bending cuisine.

With 23 Michelin Star awarded restaurants in Rome alone, the sky is the limit. I have had the pleasure of knowing a great variety of these wonderful places, and am honored to organize this very exclusive Michelin Star Dining Experience for you. March 1 to March 8th, 2020, when tourism is low, the city is more peaceful and calm and real. We will enjoy 5 exclusive Michelin Star restaurants for 5 of our dinners, with sommelier-chosen wine pairings of course.

Our lunches will be casual, in Rome’s piazze, alleyways, terraces, farm houses and vineyards. I want to make sure you have the best of both worlds when it comes to the Roman culinary scene: the everyday classically prepared dishes we Romans eat every day, as well as the elevated and unique interpretations of these dishes, by Michelin Star chefs.

Join me…

~ Alice

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March 1 to 8, 2020
Michelin Star Culinary Adventure

All inclusive: lodging, transportation, casual lunches & Michelin dinners
A minimum of 4 diners needed to make the adventure come true
A small event, open to only 6 diners
Reservations must be made by August 31st 2019, due to limited seatings

$4400 per person
$1500 due upon reservation by August 31, 2019
$2900 due by November 1st, 2019